April 2021

Hello, everyone.

I hope you're all well and I'm sure like me you can't wait to get back to the pastime we all love so much - Quizwalking!

What a time it's been for all of us since the first Covid-19 lockdown in late March last year!

Given the success of the vaccine rollout and with the Roadmap out of lockdown on track, hopefully we can get back to something like normal life as 2021 unfolds, including the opportunity to meet up together regularly on quizwalks once more.

With this in mind your Committee very much hopes that the programme of nine quizwalks we've put together for 2021 can take place unaffected by Covid-19.

However, we've tried to cushion the disruptive impact that Covid-19 might still have on our programme by taking the following measures:

1) Delaying the start of the season to Sunday the 6th June, on which date Penny and I will hold the 1st league walk.
2) Shortening our programme by making the Andi'Cap quizwalk double up as a League one and at the same time shifting it to 8th August when we think it stands the best chance of being an event everyone can attend on the same day.
3) Building in - with the much-appreciated co-operation of all our organisers - the flexibility for any of the nine quizwalk to be held as DIY ("Do-it-in-your-own-time" events) if same day attendance proves not to be possible.

The only quizwalks we were able to hold in 2020 were three DIY ones and these were very well attended. If any of our nine quizwalks planned for this year has to be switched to DIY we will, in consultation with the organisers, give you as much advance notice as we possibly can.

The time window for a DIY quizwalk is expected to be two weeks and will include, if at all possible, the Sunday on which it was due to be held. Any DIY quizwalks held will count towards the League.

As ever, my thanks to everyone who has volunteered to organise a quizwalk this year. I would especially like to mention Rosie McKimmie, her mum Jackie, Gillian Hanna and Emily Robinson who are organising their first quizwalk for us. I'm sure you'll all be looking forward to pitching your brains against theirs on 26th September.

Below is the full events programme for 2021. For specific information about any event look up the Diary & Walks section on our website or contact Roger Heath on 01737 352832 or James Biggs on 07889 384047.

6th June James & Penny Biggs
20th June Alan Reeves and Geoff Hunt
4th July Jeremy & Joanne Norfolk
25th July Peter and Kiran Evans
8th Aug 2019 Andi'Cap & League WalkDarren Goodsell and Jamie Whale
22nd Aug John & Amie Davis
5th Sept Jan Spencer and Marion Earp
26th Sept Rosie and Jackie McKimmie, Gillian Hanna, and Emily Robinson
10th Oct Roger Heath & Joyce Heywood
13th NovAnnual Lunch Roger Heath
29th Dec Xmas AmbleGillian Hein and Roger Heath

Annual subs remain at £2 per head for the 2021 season. Kindly hand them to our Treasurer Joanne Norfolk next time you see her.

Please remember to invite your friends and family; word of mouth is the best form of advertising, it's proven over the years to be the most successful way of introducing new members.

I'll look forward to seeing you in the countryside soon!



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