From time to time there have been pamphlets and year end reviews prepared and issued by Club members.
The original Young Peoples Club had a paper called News And Views issued and although a few articles from this magazine were found in Les Bradbury's archives, no complete editions seem to have survived.
John Cooper (who else!) issued several pamphlets over the years. Most famous was his How To Win Treasure Hunts (By One Who Knows How But Rarely Does) in 1969 and Les Bradbury (who else!) kept a copy (actually a photocopy of a photocopy of a...) in his files from which we have produced an on-line version.

In the 1980s Ken White and his then partner Joan Powell produced an occasional magazine Quizzical Ramblings. Ken and Joan used to rent a flat at Les Bradbury's house in Balham and started coming on quizwalks in 1978, organising their first walk that same year. In all they published three editions of Quizzical Ramblings.

How To Win Treasure Hunts by John Cooper, 1969

Quizzical Ramblings, 1982

Quizzical Ramblings, 1987

Quizzical Ramblings, 1989

If any members past or present has another EYPC, Thursday Club or QuizWalks publication, we would love to hear from you.