Trophy Cabinet

The current league trophy The League Trophy

In 1958, the first full year of treasure hunts, a cash prize was awarded to the best overall performer. However, as recorded the minutes of an EYPC committee meeting held on 8th May 1959, a change was agreed:

It was decided to withdraw the £5 prize for winners of the league and substitute a trophy, this to be held for one year together with a replica. This replica together with another for runner-up may be held permanently.

The current league trophy

At the end of the 1959 season Les Bradbury and his then wife Reta became the first winners of the treasure hunters' league trophy.

The original trophy became damaged over the years and eventually the panels filled with the winners' names. The current trophy (top) is the fourth we have used, and was introduced in our 60th Anniversary year (2017).


Andi'Cap Treasure Chest The Andi'Cap Treasure Chest

The trophy pictured here dates back to 1959. It was presented by John Cooper, the founder of our walks, and as a disc on the trophy records it is called the Andi'Cap Treasure Chest.

John's idea was that there should be a one-off event every year which could be won by anyone, regardless of how they were performing in the then newly-formed treasure hunters' league. The Treasure Chest was first competed for in 1959 and the winner was Peter Juneman. His disc for that year is on the front section of the chest.

Up to the time of his death early in 1974 John Cooper organised all the Andi'Cap walks, usually as the last event of the season. Since his death it has been the convention for the league winner to organise the Andi'Cap event as the first walk of the following season. But whoever comes out on top in the Andi'Cap is considered to have won it for the previous year.

Confused? Well, as you will see if you view the past winners table, a few of the winners themselves got the year of their win wrong! Incidentally, there's no room left now to fix a winner's disc on one of the chest's four sides or to hang one from the rings at either end. Instead we've had to anchor a chain inside the chest for discs to be attached to.

Today the Andi'Cap is based on average scores in the relevant year. This can make it difficult for those who have finished near the top of the league to win the Andi'Cap event, something of which John Cooper would surely approve were he alive today.

In 2003 the Andi'Cap trophy was won by James Biggs and it very nearly came to grief in his hands. The trophy was in the boot of his car when he went to the tip one day to get rid of some rubbish. You've guessed it - the trophy ended up on the tip, and it was just in the nick of time that James realised what he had done and managed to retrieve it.


Roger Abbott Award Special Award to Roger Abbott

In 2006, Roger stood down as chairman after 20 years and he was presented with a commemorative tankard.


Roger Heath Award Special Award to Roger Heath

In our 60th Anniversary Year, 2017, Roger Heath, membership secretary, celebrated 60 years of attending and organising quiz walks and was presented with a commemorative plate.