Club Event
BBC Walk 2000
Event Details

Date & Start Time: 28th June 2000 (Wednesday Evening)
Location: The Royal Oak, Brockham Green
Organisers: Roger Abbott


Nat Grid Ref: TQ197496

Location: Brockham is between Dorking and Reigate, just to the south of the A25. The Royal Oak is on north side of the village green

Organiser's Comments

Ever fancied being a radio star?
This is a one-off non-league walk being recorded by the BBC for their Radio 4programme Open Country. This is likely to be bradcast in about two weeks time on Saturday morning (repeat Thursday lunchtime.)

Click to play mp3 file Play recording of our part on Open Country

Route & Question Sheet

Distance: 2 miles

On the front of the pub or the grass area in front of it.

Junior: Who can you see
Hiding in a tree?
 1. Commander in chief
Guards against spy and thief
 2. Take a hearty look at this place

Turn left out of pub, past The Dukes Head. At end of houses, through left hand gate and follow path left, down hill and over small bridge. Continue tarmac path to bridge over river where stage ends.

Junior: This isn't pocket money today
But who did they have to pay?
3. The nobility, it is clear
Has froth on it's beer
4. Messy monkey to be found .....
5. ..... Going round and round and round

Continue over river, bear right uphill. Ignore paths to left and continue past back of houses (river below on right). Continue over bridge and soon through gate. Continue past new pipeline and eventually to another gate crossing path where stage ends.

Junior: What things can you see that are to do with Christmas?
6. Little Miss Muffet has been told to eat
Something other than the curds while on her seat!
7. Great walk (the start)
Both ways to dart
8. Inside, the tablets without name
For the invasion that never came

Ahead through gate and continue past farm. After farm buildings turn left through gate marked "Burial Ground Only". After cemetery, ahead at path crossing, along track between fields. At road, cross and turn left. Soon stage ends at entrance to field on right.

Junior: How many gates can you see on this stage?
9. Sharp pull resolves impending neighbours grudge
10. Could Bobby open the way
For athletic kids of today?
11. The dog swap meet?

Take path parallel to road on bank beside field. At houses, continue along road (RHS) for some distance until track (Mill Hill Lane) on left (nearly at the pub at the end of the road).

No clues on this stage

Turn left along Mill Hill Lane. Where drive veers left, ahead along path. At road ahead, cross and ahead along Mill Hill Lane. Soon ahead along track to intersection, where stage ends.

Junior: On something red make an inspection
What is the time of the last collection?
12. At her age some help she does seek
Maybe her springs have grown weak
13. More bills, oh what a carve up!
14. True - John's a star
Gets going in the car

Turn right (down hill) and follow path back to Brockham Green and The Royal Oak.

No clues on this stage


Junior Clue: King Charles on the pub sign
1. Admiral Security Systems - on front of pub
2. The Royal Oak - anagram "a hearty look"

Junior Clue: The Pound and fines had to be paid to the Lord of the Manor to get horses and cattle back.
3. The Dukes Head
4. No dog mess sign - "Clean it up. Penalty £500"
5. Tri-Circle padlock

Junior Clue: Holly, ivy, Christmas tree (also mistletoe - but very difficult to see)
6. Greensand Way (greens and whey)
7. GW on yellow arrow pointing both ways
8. Pill Box

Junior Clue: gates
9. Spring (initial letters)
10. Charlton Gates (makers name)
11. Telephone Exchange

No clues on this stage

Junior Clue: 4.30 p.m. (on letter box)
12. "Old Cottage" & "Please close gate" signs
13. Broome Hills (signpost) - anagram "More bills, oh"
14. Grit (for icy weather), as in the John Wayne film 'True Grit'

No clues on this stage