Events Report 2019
League Winner: Darren Goodsell
Andi'Cap Trophy: To be determined by the 2019 Handicap Walk in 2020
Historical Note
Britain fails to exit the EU in March or October and holds an election in December.
Final League Table

Roger Heath and Andrew Cordani are both runners up. This is despite not having done their best 5 (of 8) walks together - they each have 4 1sts, 2 2nds, 1 3rd and 1 4th. They competed together on all of the walks except their own, and then they both won each other's walks. As the tiebreak rule is defined they are therefore equals.

Team Walks Places Correct Bonus League
Members Attnd Orgd 1st 2nd 3rd Answrs Points Points H'Cap
1Darren Goodsell 6150013094310022.20
2=Roger Heath 8142117712259923.40
2=Andrew Cordani 8142117812129923.40
4Joanne Norfolk, Jeremy Norfolk 713111549629724.00
5Alan Reeves 8130416611249622.60
6Geoff Hunt 613021328199622.60
7=Hilary Garrett 602201268309421.20
7=Diane Clark 702201469779421.20
9Gillian Hanna 601011137458721.00
10Marion Earp 611001167688520.80
11Rosie McKimmie 601011067398419.60
12Charlotte Ryan, Robert Ryan 500011046498320.80
13Julie Murphy 60000986167518.40
14Alan Hilder 40120816117420.25
15=Ros McGavin, Brenda Wooden 600001045797418.40
15=Brenda Watson 61000966067418.00
17Kate Kirchmair, Roy Kirchmair 50000834617116.60
18Kath Biggs, Denis Biggs, Nia Jones 60000794506814.40
19John Davis 41102765696719.00
20Joseph Ryan 40001825366720.50
21Jan Spencer 41000874686321.75
22Elizabeth Gurteen 41000594405914.75
23June Daniels 41000744315718.50
24Andrea Hunt 30110643815621.33
25Emily Robinson 30001553484818.33
26=Vicky Robinson, Sally Sayce, David Sayce 30000502714216.67
26=James Biggs 31000412784213.67
28Christine Cooper 21101462213823.67
29Jamie Whale 21100392843521.33
30Agnes Attwater, Colin Attwater 20100452693423.33
31Jackie McKimmie 20000362093120.33
32Jez Spencer 20000412453022.00
33Amie Davis 21001342242919.67
34Rosie Treasure, Dave Saunders 20000311912718.67
35Barbara Cuthbert 21000251192616.67
36=Anne Gibney 10100191842023.00
36=Kate Wilson 10100201952023.33
36=Dave Gunter 10100201712023.33
39=Sue Whale, Robert Whale 10010241541924.67
39=Judy Ellis 10010201521923.33
41Carol Mack 10001171531822.33
42Jack Spencer 10000211561723.67
43Katy Frenkiel 10000171471622.33
44=Pauline Smith, Colin Smith 1000021931523.67
44=Louise Evans, Lynda Phillipson 10000201191523.33
44=Gillian Hein 1000012791520.67
47Hazel Marshall 1000020911423.33
48Myra Clarke, Simon Clarke, Ali Nightingale 1000019781323.00
49=Ben Poxon, Tom Geraghty, Natalie Thomas 1000015831221.67
49=Linda Read 1000018731222.67
51Daphne Manning, Andy Mills, Jan Taylor 1000013511021.00