60 Years of Quiz Walks

Special events, competitions, and memorabilia celebrating 60 years of Quiz Walks.

Posted: 20th November 2017
60th Anniversary Competition Winners

We had 2 special competitions for our 60th year: a photography competition See 28th April post and a 3 part quiz competition See 8th July post.

The winners and runners-up were announced at the End of Season Lunch.

Photography Competition
Click image to enlarge
The winner, selected by competition organiser Christine Cooper, is Peter Evans.

This photograph encapsulates a typical summer quiz walk...
  ...the country side,
  ...the curious things that you encounter, and
  ...the cryptic clues our walk organisers provide.

Thank you to everyone who submitted their pictures.
Also, thank you Christine Cooper for organising and judging the competition.

We are putting a collection of competition pictures on-line, and a collection of pictures from the End of Season Lunch.
Some pictures from the lunch are now on the club's Facebook page Quiz Walks Facebook

If you have any pictures that you took at the lunch, or at the walks, that you would like to send us then please do.

Quiz Competition

Your final scores were the totals from the 3 individual competitions...

  The winners are Joanne and Jeremy Norfolk.

  The runners-up are Marion Earp and Jan Spencer.

Thank you to everyone who entered, and we hope that many of you enjoyed attempting one or more of the competitions.
Also, thank you Peter Rose, Christine Cooper, and Roger Heath for organising the competitions.


Posted: 26th October 2017
60th Anniversary Competitions Answers

We had 3 special quiz competitions for our 60th year. See original 8th July post
Here are the answers.
The winners and runners-up will, of course, be announced at the End of Season Lunch.

1) Crossword 2017

Peter Rose supplied us with a special crossword with a quiz walking twist.
Every clue was answered - but nobody got them all.

  1. Christmas Amble
  2. Reigate
  3. Soda
  4. May Poles
  5. Serene
  6. Mango Trees
  7. Leg Spin
  8. Starchiness
  9. Air Dryer
  10. Night
  1. Picture Card
  2. Ivan
  3. John Cooper
  4. Ideal Homes
  5. Trendier
  6. Branch
  7. Recorded
  8. Reveal
  9. Verdant
  10. Deletion
  1. Inferno
  2. Gloria
  3. Carshalton
  4. Offs
  5. Turf
  6. Realm
  7. Red Guard
  8. St Oswald Of York
2) Treasure Hunt Clue
CattleCrossing1 Here is the clue taken from a car treasure hunt organised by John Cooper, probably in the early 1960's...

  When the "Strong Elastic" is taken away
  A letter is left on this road sign today.
  Bring back a token it matters no what
  If it starts with the letter you have got.

British road signs were redesigned in the mid 60's. Before that a warning sign typically had a red warning triangle with a plate underneath. This might have a graphic, or text, or both.

The answer, we believe, is "C" from "Cattle Crossing" at Barrow Green Farm.

I.e. "C" = "Cattle Crossing" - "Strong Elastic"

Well done to all of you who got the correct answer.

The sign in this picture is the closest we could find - these cows are clearly a moosical variety!

3) "Fifties Walk" Quiz

Roger Heath supplied us with a copy of a special walk 'set back in 1993 to coincide with the "Fifties Walk" organised by Ken White and myself along with our other halves'.
Once again, every clue was answered - but nobody got them all.


We hope you enjoyed the competitions and our thanks to all of you who took part.

Posted: 26th October 2017
60th Anniversary Walk - Surrey Mirror September 21st

Before the special 60th Anniversary walk in Reigate took place, Roger Heath was able to interest The Surrey Mirror in publicising the event just over a week in advance.
The almost full page article below covers in depth the story of the clubs origins and founders. It also explains that there will be a special Reigate walk organised by Andrew and Christine, and that Christine is the daughter of one of the first walk's organisers. Zara and Kiran Evans get a special mention as well for organising their first walk while still (just) teenagers.

Click the image for a full screen copy
Posted: 27th June & updated 8th October 2017
60th Anniversary Walks along the 1957 Route

The original 1957 walk, shown in the map below (red), was very long and passed near several public houses that have been used many times as quiz walks venues over these 60 years.
To celebrate our 60th year we are reusing some of these venues to take in some of the same countryside. We will be adding the details and routes (blue) to the map after each walk is held.

Click image to enlarge

1) The Sportsman (Handicap Walk - April 23rd)
The original walk set out from Reigate station and involved a hard steep climb up Colley Hill. This Handicap walk from The Sportsman (circa 1532) follows mainly level paths instead, including the North Downs Way opened in 1978. The paths are different but the terrific views across Surrey are the same.
2) The Red Lion & The Dolphin (May 7th)
The Dolphin (17th century) sits in a corner of the 1957 route that almost forms a loop. Closing the loop allows us to visit The Red Lion (circa 1730) and walk through Buckland - twice winner of "Best Kept Small Village" awards.
3) The Skimmington Castle (July 23rd)
A farm 400 years ago and a pub since 1825. A popular Quizwalking venue south of Reigate Heath and its landmark windmill. The walk joins a section of the 1957 route where it passes the pub heading south and then loops around through sevral of the local farms.
4) The Pheasant (August 27th)
Formerly "The Jolly Farmers" and before that "The Tap" (late 18th century). Another popular Quizwalking venue. The walk passes near The Black Horse and then joins a section of the 1957 route where it passes the windmill heading west and giving fine views of the surrounding area.
5) The Blue Anchor (October 1st)
The Blue Anchor is an 18th-century grade II listed public house which retains a lot of its original features. This celebration walk starts where the original 1957 walk ended on a Sunday 60 years and 2 days earlier. The 1957 walk was organised by John Cooper and Derek Wilmot. This walk was organised by Andrew Cordani and Christine Cooper. Christine is the daughter of original organiser John Cooper!

Posted: 18th September 2017
Quiz Walks 60th Anniversary Photo Competition

We hope that you have been exercising your creative photography skills over this 2017 season of Quiz Walks to submit to our Competition and enhance our 60th Anniversary display at the Annual Lunch at the Reigate Hotel on Saturday 11th November. We are asking you to submit your favourite snaps (5 max).

Please submit your photographs by:

a. Uploading to the Quiz Walks Facebook page
b. Uploading to the Flickr group
We strongly suggest that you only use Flickr if you are familiar with the idiosyncrasies of that site.
Please mention "Comp Submission" in the title of your photographs and I would ask you to let me know by email to confirm your submission... freshclaws@yahoo.com


c. Email your photographs directly to me
and I will upload to the Facebook group.

Let me know if you have any difficulty submitting your photographs which you may submit as soon as you wish.

The competition closes on 6th October 2017 following the Priory Park Peripatetic Puzzle on Sunday 1st October.

Thank you for entering our competition and I really look forward to seeing your pictures. The winner will receive a book token for the value of £20.00. See original 28th April post

Chris (Cooper)
Please note that by submitting your photographs to the 60th Anniversary Photography competition you understand that we may publish one or more to the Quizwalks.com website or to other digital or printed media, and also that the decision of the winning image by the judges is final.


Posted: 31st August 2017
Organisers' Favourite Clues - Ten Year Update

If you've organised a quizwalk for our club (just one is enough to qualify!) at any time from and including 2008 onwards we'd like you to select your three favourite clues from your efforts during that time and tell us what they are - along with the answers and the year and location of the walk.

No problem if you don't have the original paperwork - you should find your quizwalk on our website. Just go into the Events page and click on the relevant year near the bottom of the page.

Favourite Clues 60
We last did this exercise to mark our 50th anniversary in 2007 and you see here an extract from the list (covering 50 years of quizwalks) that was on display at the end-of-season lunch and is still on our website to this day.

So now we're updating things ten years on and we'll pin up a list containing all your new picks at our 60th Anniversary Lunch at the Reigate Manor Hotel on Saturday 11th November. After that the new list will find a permanent home on our website.

Email details of your three clues to me at quizwalks@btinternet.com to reach me no later than Friday 20th October, which is the Friday following the last quizwalk of 2017 on the 15th October.


Posted: 8th July 2017
Competition Corner
by Roger Heath

What better time than our 60th anniversary season to get your brains into top gear. So we've devised a three-puzzle competition for you all to have a go at with book token prizes worth £24 for the winner and £12 for the runner-up.

If you want to enter as a team that's fine as long as there aren't more than four of you in the team.

When you're ready e-mail your solutions to me at quizwalks@btinternet.com If that doesn't suit you for any reason please let me know and I will arrange an alternative. The closing date for entries is Friday 6th October.

In all matters relating to the competition the decision of the 60th Anniversary Organising Committee will be final. In the event of a tie the Committee will hold a blind draw to determine the winner and/or runner-up.

Here are the three puzzles for you to solve.

1) Crossword 2017
crossword 2017
Click on the above to get the crossword and clues as a PDF
First up is Peter Rose with another crossword puzzle to follow the one he devised in 2010.
Peter and his wife Val will be known to many of you as former quizwalk organisers who regularly attend our annual lunch and still make occasional appearances at our starting venues.
For ease of solving download and print the crossword. One point for each correct answer. Maximum score is 28 points.  
2) Treasure Hunt Clue

Second, Chris Cooper, our founder's daughter, was rummaging recently through old paperwork and found a car treasure hunt organised by her Dad, probably in the1960s.

One of the clues read as follows...

When the "Strong Elastic" is taken away
A letter is left on this road sign today.
Bring back a token it matters no what
If it starts with the letter you have got.

We deduce from the directions that this clue occurred somewhere between the beginning of Haxted Road (see arrow at left edge of map) and the first mile or so along it. This is the road the competitors turned right into soon after they'd driven past Lingfield station in Surrey.


In those days some of the clues were Souvenir clues. This meant that competitors had to work out from the clue where to look for a container, frequently an old tobacco tin, that held a token of some kind for them to bring back and show to the organiser. But the organiser didn't always want to leave it at that, so sometimes you had to select the token that bore the right information from others that didn't.

For example, someone (it might have been me!) once set a clue asking people to bring back a prime - and there were lots of tokens in the tin, but only some of them bore prime numbers.

In this case it's probable that the tin contained some tokens displaying words starting with the letter of the alphabet which John was looking for and others that were decoys having words beginning with incorrect letters.

The answer to this clue hasn't survived, but we have a hunch it's one that could still be solvable by logic and persistence.

So the question is:
What letter did the word on a token have to begin with and why?

If we get what we judge to a correct and complete answer it will score 10 points.

3) "Fifties Walk" Quiz

Last, I too have been rummaging through old paperwork and came across a special quiz I set back in 1993 to coincide with the "Fifties Walk" organised by Ken White and myself along with our other halves. We were both 50 at the time and you can read about the event in the Special Events section of our website under the History tab.

Back to the quiz. It was based around clues from some of my previous quizwalks and I reckoned then - and still do - that all 25 can be solved by persistence and research without ever having set foot on any of the walks. The quiz is ready for you to download here.

A copy of the original 1993 quiz in PDF format.

One point for each correct answer. Maximum score 25 points.

The overall maximum across the three puzzles is therefore 28 points plus 10 points plus 25 points making 63 points.

Good solving!

Posted: 1st July 2017
60th Anniversary Photo Competition

As promised, the annual lunch will feature a display of club photos from the last 60 years. We very much want to include photos showing Quizwalking in 2017.
So, there will be a prize of a £20 book token for the best photo taken this year. The competition will close on 6th October. See original 28th April post

Posted: 1st June
Quizwalk Organisers Table
by Roger Heath

I first prepared this table in 2007, our 50th anniversary year, in recognition of all the people, starting with John Cooper and Derek Wilmot in 1957, who had organised quizwalks over the years and so helped to keep the unique pastime we all enjoy going for so long.

Getting that 2007 version of the Quizwalk Organisers Table together was a bit of a slog. It involved ploughing through the late Les Bradbury's copious archive material and searching the collective memory banks of all the organisers it was still possible to contact. Our thanks to them and, of course, to Les himself.

To coincide with our 60th anniversary I thought it would be fitting to bring the table up-to-date to the end of our 2016 season and this I have done. At the end of this season we'll update the table again and find a permanent place for it on our website. After that we'll update it every year.

Take a glance through the table. Whether you feature in it personally or not we think you'll find it provides a fascinating overview of the contribution made by our organisers down the decades.

Posted: 15th May
Website for Quizwalk 60th Anniversary T-shirts and Polo Shirts

Although all orders for a bulk purchase have now been taken and are being delivered, any Quizwalkers still wishing to purchase a t-shirt or polo shirt can do so by ordering directly from the website. The link is here: www.tshirtstudio.com

Special 60th Anniversary logo - click to enlarge
Click image to enlarge
This is the logo used for the order. You can upload this onto the site to add to the front of the t-shirt.
The "www.quizwalks.com" text on the back is entered manually. Select "Carlsberg Sans" as the font to use if you wish to match that used for the bulk order.
You are advised to check current sizes, colours and prices when placing your order, as the website has undergone some changes since the details for the bulk order were added in the posting below of 6th April 2017. See original 6th April post

Posted: 28th April
Quizwalkers' photos taken during our 60th Quizwalking season
by Chris Cooper
Fingers Crossed
Fingers crossed for a nice crop of pictures. Click image to enlarge
Following one of your inspirational suggestions to celebrate our 60th Anniversary season, photos from past Quizwalks and Quizwalkers will be displayed at our annual lunch at the Reigate Manor Hotel on 11th November 2017.

There will be a lot of images from the past, of course, but to bring us up to date, we very much want to include some photos showing Quizwalking in 2017.

We are asking you to bring your cameras or mobiles with you to this year's walks and get snapping.

From the photos you take over the season, we ask you to submit 3, 4, or 5 of your favourites that illustrate the spirit of Quizwalking.

Heard the news?
There's a competition.
From all your photos submitted, the 60th Anniversary organising team will make a selection for inclusion at the display at the annual lunch.

The closing date for submissions will be in October.

Watch out for a later posting here from me giving the exact date along with details of how to get digital copies of the photos to us.

In the meantime, you may care to browse some of our photographs on Flickr... Flickr quizwalks

Posted: 6th April
Anniversary Quizwalk T-shirts

As promised below, here are the details for the 60th Anniversary Quizwalk t-shirts.

Male and female t-shirts and a unisex polo shirt are available. A children's t-shirt is also available with the same design.
The shirts have the 60th Anniversary logo on the front (small logo on the polo shirt) and the website address on the rear.

T-shirt - click to enlarge
Male T-shirt - Sand
Click image to enlarge
T-shirt - click to enlarge
Female T-shirt White
Click image to enlarge

T-shirt - click to enlarge
Unisex Polo shirt - White
Click image to enlarge
T-shirt - click to enlarge
Rear logo
Click image to enlarge

Shirt Type Colours Sizes Price
Male T White / Sand S, M, L, XL & XXL £12.00
Female T White / Sand S, M, L, XL & XXL (see table below) £12.00
Kids T White / Sand 3-4, 5-6, 7-8, 9-11 & 12-14 £9.00
Polo White / Ash S, M, L, XL, XXL & XXXL £14.00

The Female sizes are explained as follows:

Size Dress Size Length Width
S 8/10 62 40
M 10/12 64 41
L 12/14 66 45
XL 14/16 69 48
XXL 18/20 69 55

A discount may be available based on the total number of shirts we order:

Quantity 5+ 10+ 15+ 20+
Discount 10% 15% 20% 25%

Geoff Hunt will be taking orders and payments at the Handicap Walk on Sunday 23rd April 2017, and either wearing or carrying a sample t-shirt depending on the weather.

If you definitely can't attend that walk, orders can be submitted to our Email address quizwalks@btinternet.com The shirts should be ready for collection at the first walk League Walk on Sunday 7th May 2017 or subsequent walks if you can't attend that walk.

If your size requirements are not met here, or you would rather have a garment printed individually, the anniversary logo is available to download by simply clicking on the logo above in the black outlined box.

Posted: 27th March
What happened in 1957?

We're celebrating our 60th anniversary this year, so here's an easy starting question for you -

What do premium bonds, the Sky at Night and quizwalks all have in common?

Answer: they all made their debut in 1957.

The first quizwalk (called a Treasure Hunt then) had its debut on 29th September of that year. And now in this, our 60th year, we'll be using this page to keep you in touch with the things we're planning to celebrate our diamond anniversary.

Our thanks to all of you who took the trouble at our End-of-Season lunch last November to submit suggestions for ways to mark the club's anniversary. We now have a six strong team working on these, namely James Biggs, Christine Cooper - whose Dad, John, started the whole thing off - Andrew Cordani, Roger Heath, Geoff Hunt and Alan Reeves.

Chris and Andrew - click to enlarge
Chris and Andrew find a new way to win Quiz Walks. Click image for full details.
Christine and Andrew have been quick off the blocks and we have them to thank for designing our new 60th anniversary logo on a diamond background.

As the images displayed here show, our team's busy right now procuring T shirts and polo shirts bearing the new logo. A similar initiative for our 50th anniversary in 2007 proved very popular with our members and we trust that this one will prove equally appealing to many of you for our 2017 season.

Soon we'll post an update on this page giving details of sizes and costs ready for us to take your orders at the Andi'Cap quizwalk on 23rd April.

Meanwhile here's a little bit of nostalgia for you. The map below was published by the club ten years ago to illustrate the route of the inaugural walk back in 1957 and the re-walk we held exactly fifty years later on 29th September 2007.

Click image to enlarge

Route sheet (with clues) for the 1957 walk.

The 2007 Anniversary events.

A tribute to John Cooper.

Our club's history is a fascinating one. Click on the links now to read more, including a tribute to John Cooper written by Christine herself.