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A Quiz Walk is a very simple concept. It is a walk of about 3 miles (5 Km) along public footpaths with some cryptic clues to answer along the way.

CoulsdonCows2017 A Quiz Walk resembles the car treasure hunts in many ways and indeed, the original concept was based on one such event. However, the format has developed over the years and the object of the exercise is to have a bit of fun and the only wrong paths we lead anybody up are those of the mind!

We meet in March to plan the events for the coming summer. A walk about every three weeks is planned and we take it in turns to be organiser. Each organiser chooses his or her own location, maps out a route and sets the questions, normally a few weeks in advance.

PhotoWinnerYr60 On the day we all meet at the chosen pub (usually in Surrey but sometimes in a neighbouring county) for a drink or two and maybe some lunch. We then form ourselves into teams and set off to answer the questions. The organiser goes ahead of us and marks the key stages with chalk, just to make sure none of us wander off the right of way or even get lost! (Landowners, we do try: ordinary blackboard chalk does no harm and washes off next time it rains).

Even though they are only about 3 miles, the walks take us out well into the countryside. There is such a variety of scenery in South East England that no two walks are the same and who could tire of the views?

5522RompingRoger1 Some people simply enjoy the walks. Others find the added incentive to solve every clue an enjoyable challenge. Of course, each organiser has his own way of devising clues and some are more devious than others. But it is all good fun and it is amazing what you see when you are looking!

When we get back to the pub, the organiser scores us on our correct answers and we have a few laughs or groans over those we missed. Maybe some refreshment is called for before we all head off home. The organiser tots up the scores awarded for correct answers and, over the summer, we run a league with a small trophy to be held by the winner. 

The first walk of the season is always "last year's" handicap (or more correctly known as the Andi'Cap after the Daily Mirror cartoon character). Each member is given a handicap based upon the previous season's results and the winner holds the special treasure chest trophy for the year.

For a walk you can actually do, the original route sheet with photographs and questions is available.

Some examples of questions set on recent Quiz Walks, complete with answers and explanations.

Answers to the most frequently asked questions about Quiz Walks.     

5531RompingJohn1 Really, the best way to understand what we do is to join us for a Quiz Walk. You will be made very welcome.

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HISTORY This includes a brief history of our club, "Recollections of a Founding Member", written by one of our founding members that explains how it all came about and who John Cooper was.

CLUBHOUSE Some time ago John Cooper wrote a pamphlet entitled "How to Win Quiz Walks by One Who Knows How But Rarely Does" and this is reproduced in our Club Publications page.