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Frequently Asked Questions

Are the walks arduous?

No. More like a stroll and typically 3 to 3.5 miles (about 5Km). OK, sometimes we do walk up and down hills, and there may be the odd place where it gets a bit difficult under foot. But, unlike many hikes, we wander round in small groups and there is plenty of time to take a break and enjoy the countryside. You walk at your own pace. 

What should I wear?

The best advice here is beware the weather! Walks very rarely take as long as four hours and so the likely conditions are frequently predictable. Nevertheless a cagoule, sun cream and jumper or sweatshirt are always useful. 
Hiking boots are optional. Trainers or other shoes suitable for unmade paths will normally do. However, if it has been raining then some footpaths can get quite muddy. 
We also find that some footpaths are better maintained than others. There may be brambles or nettles around, which means that jeans may be a better idea than shorts or a skirt. 
If it has been raining, or if it might during the walk, the drive home is more comfortable if you have a change of shoes and socks in the car. 

Are children welcome?

Several of our members have children and they do enjoy a walk in the countryside. Especially if they are asked to look out for various things along the way. There will be questions specifically for children on some of our walks. However, 3.5 miles can be a long way for little legs and you may need to carry very young children. I found a frame carrier excellent. Many of the paths we walk are narrow, over farm land and have stiles, which makes them unsuitable for pushchairs and buggies. 
Most pubs are children friendly, but not all. Organisers will generally let us know if there is a garden. 

Are your walks suitable for the disabled? 

Our walks tend to follow paths across the countryside. Unfortunately we frequently find the only means of access is over stiles, which makes wheelchairs impractical. However, if this is not a problem then you are more than welcome.

Can I bring my dog?

Responsible dog owners are welcome. We will be walking through farms and there will be livestock so please keep your dog under control and on a lead.

What does it cost?

Our regular walkers contribute £2 per adult per season.
Yes, that's two pounds for a whole year!

What do I need to bring?

A pencil is essential, and better than ball pen in damp weather.
A clipboard is useful.
A sense of humour is desirable.
The organisers will give you their mobile phone number at the start, so do bring your phone!

How do I join a walk?

Simple: just turn up at our next event and look out for us in a group outside the pub at about 2:15. The organiser will gather us all together to give instructions and then we'll all be looking about for the first answers.

Click any of the EVENTS links for the list of forthcoming events.

If you drop me an e-mail quizwalks@btinternet.com and confirm you are coming, we will also look out for you. I'll be happy to send directions for future events to you.

Can I see the route for a recent walk?

Click any of the EVENTS links to find a walk that was held near you this season or in earlier years. Click on one of the past walks and you will find details of the location, route, questions set and the answers!

Alternatively click the SAMPLE WALK link which will bring up a route sheet for a walk from Brockham. Included on this page are photographs taken along the route.