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Sample Questions & Answers

The following are some examples of questions from recent Quiz Walks, complete with answers and explanations to help you to understand what to expect.

In reality the questions are easier to answer than might be expected. You have plenty of clues other than that written down on the sheet. The questions are always to be found within the stage that they are set and are always set in the sequence in which the answers are found, which gives you a limited area within which to look. In many cases there isn't too much around to ask a question about, so if you see something, particularly if it is unusual, then it could be the answer - it all depends on how you look at it!

Clue: He may be observed in a biblical crown.

Answer: The Horns (pub name).
Explanation: Take "he" out of "The" and "The Horns" becomes "Thorns".

Clue: Makes us dirty.

Answer: Mud.
Explanation: Initial letter from each word of the clue.

Clue: X marks the spot all right,
It's there in black and white.

Answer: 10 on telegraph pole, one digit in white, the other in black.
Explanation: X is the Roman numeral for 10.

Clue: A confusing stream of numbers.

Answer: "MASTER" on a combination padlock.
Explanation: "master" is an anagram of "stream".

Clue: Wakes you up with a noisy racket,
Reminds you of a cornflakes packet

Answer: Cockerel on a weather vane.
Explanation: Straight answer to a straight question.

Clue: Get crosser and you'll solve this clue.

Answer: A bridge (over a stream).
Explanation: It crosses the stream so it must be a "crosser"!

Clue: Baking a scone?

Answer: "GAS" on a stone plinth.
Explanation: Hidden, in "baking a scone", and literally as in gas cooker.

Clue: This is serious!

Answer: Grave.
Explanation: We walked past a churchyard!