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A Sample Walk


The following is a walk that started and finished at the Royal Oak on Brockham Green, Surrey in 1998. Brockham is a pretty village located just south of the A25, about half way between Dorking and Reigate.

SampWalk01.jpg The green is triangular in shape with a church at the apex, two pubs, shops and houses in a variety of styles. It is so typical of what people imagine an English village green to be that it has featured in several T.V. adverts. The Royal Oak is on the north side of the green near the road.

The route is about 3.5 miles (5.5 km) and, if you are going to attempt the questions as well as a few stops to enjoy the views, you should allow up to 4 hours.

The answers to all the questions will be found within the stage that they are set. And indeed in the sequence in which they are set. Just a couple of reminders about the questions. If you do decide to join us for a walk then we will make sure you are partnered with "someone who knows how" at least until you get used to the likely answers. Secondly, particularly when walking along footpaths, if you see something unusual then the organiser has at least thought of using it for the clue.

To get yourself into the frame of mind, you might find it helpful to print off the Sample Questions and How To Win pages and read them through before you set off whilst enjoying a pint in The Royal Oak.

Good luck and, most importantly, enjoy the walk!


Nat Grid Ref: TQ 197 496

From Dorking take A25 west (towards Reigate). Approx. 2 miles after A24 roundabout, turn right (south) into Brockham Lane. After approx. 0.5 mile cross narrow bridge over river. Continue to village green. The Royal Oak is on north side of green.

From Reigate take A25 east (towards Dorking). After approx. 3 miles ahead at roundabout (Betchworth Station to right). After further 0.5 mile pass The Barley Mow (Harvester) pub on left. After further 0.3 mile turn left (south) into Brockham Lane. After approx. 0.5 mile cross narrow bridge over river. Continue to village green. The Royal Oak is on north side of green.

From M25
EITHER take A24 (south) from Junction 9 to Dorking (approx. 5 miles) and follow directions as above
OR take A217 (south) from Junction 8 to Reigate (approx. 1.5 miles) and follow directions as above.

Public Transport
Trains to Dorking from London (Victoria and Waterloo) and Horsham. Also less frequent train services to Dorking Deepdene station from Guildford, Redhill and Gatwick.
Bus services 21, 22, 32 and 54 to Brockham from both Dorking stations. Less frequent services from Redhill and Reigate.


On the map, A25 and Brockham Lane are shown in red. The route of the walk is shown in yellow.

Route & Question Sheet

Answers to these questions will be found on the grass area in front of the pub or looking north (the pub side) from the grass area.
1. Sign that the county is green,
That white paper must have been seen.
2. Ray, he look at this clue real close.
3. I hear Sonso lives there.

Brockham Green
Cross main road, past village pump and take Old School Lane (heading west). Immediately after bridge, turn right along gravel track. Stage ends at stile on left (just before pond). Since this walk was held the answer to Clue 4 has been removed.
4. Leads to out of town shopping?
5. Ah, very racy with well proportioned curves.
Alas, no more for those with nerves
6. Out here they won't give the scorers any trouble.

From The Coach Road
Continue along track. Eventually, past car park at golf club on left, becomes tarmac road. At fork, bear right. Stage ends at main road. Since this walk was held the answer to Clue 8 has been removed.
7. Pray, here thou shalt separate as the law demands.
8. Just one jewel someone did pluck
Upon reflection, that may bring bad luck.
9. Half as much again: how vulgar!
Cross road and take path ahead with garden centre on right. Soon over bridge then ahead along tarmac road. At road junction, ahead (bear slightly left). Stage ends at railway bridge over. Since this walk was held the answer to Clue 10 has been removed.
10. For those who till the earth
A garden that's more trouble than its worth.
11. Extrusions to tender
Scousers on a bender
12. Woodworker joins the masons

The River Mole
Ahead along road. Where road runs out at gates and property entrances ahead, take footpath (ahead) to right of gate. Stage ends at T-junction.
13. Or scant regard for a natural resource.
14. Can you beat this clue?

View across The Downs
Turn right along path. Stage ends at intersection of paths.
15. It's OK, believe me, your country won't let you down!
Just keep on trekking.
16. True grit from the man who shot Liberty Valance at the Alamo
His world, so there you go.

Brockham from The North Downs
A Kissing Gate STAGE VI
Take steps down (bear right). At bottom, turn right downhill along footpath. At intersection of paths ahead downhill (right & left, don't go through gates). Stage ends at bridge over railway.
17. Keep acid from the soil, that's for sure
Or an advert to make you buy more?
18. Perhaps you'll love our nuclear systems

Continue ahead. Cross main road and ahead along Brockham Lane (pavement on LHS). Stage ends at end of houses on left.
19. Oh look there's some country folk,
They must be down on their uppers!
20. Can you see Russ putting libel boon to work in public transport?

Chalk Pits from The Big Field
Mill Hill Lane STAGE VIII
Skip over ditch on left and diagonally across playing field to club house. Bear right though car park to road. Turn left along road (pavement on RHS). Soon turn right (Mill Hill Lane). Very soon ahead along bridlepath (field on right). Stage ends at intersection of paths.
21. Were they all badgered to play?
22. Seventy seven years this happy band
Have been keeping it in hand.
23. Not a question of Jeeves
More like the coach that leaves.

Bear right (downhill). Follow path over river and eventually to Brockham Green where walk ends.
24. Around and about
Head-hunters with clout.
25. Dealing with common agricultural policy
It might be called Euro follicy.

The River Mole again

So how did you do? Well, even the most experienced Quiz Walkers didn't get them all right! And who knows, some may have been moved or become hidden on the day that you walked it. But we hope that you did at least enjoy the walk. The answers are given below.

If you enjoyed this walk you are welcome to join us at any of our events - click any of the EVENTS links for dates of forthcoming events. This also includes route sheets of other previous walks for you to enjoy. If you wish to be advised of forthcoming activities, please send us an email quizwalks@btinternet.com.

Route & Question Sheet

1. Surrey Cycleway signpost - recent government white paper on transport.
2. The Royal Oak - anagram.
3. Thimble Cottage (So-'n'-So, or even sew 'n' sew!).
4. Country Road (name of shop selling hiking, fishing and riding gear: since the walk, this shop has closed).
5. Brooklands (house name, also name of pre-war motor racing circuit).
6. Duck - on nameplate at Riverdale House.
7. Unhooking mats to be used see rule book - sign by pond.
8. 14 (less one missing) reflectors on gate.
9. 3/2 on hydrant sign.
10. Millstone Landscapes (sign).
11. Tubewrights Ltd Liverpool - on bridge.
12. Stone & Turner - on signpost.
13. Transco (anagram) sign.
14. The Retreat - house name on gate.
15. National Trust Long Walk - signs.
16. Dukes Plantation - clue refers to films by John Wayne.
17. Brockham Lime Works (sign).
18. Pylons - initial letters from each word in the clue.
19. Protect this rural area Observe speed limits - sign.
20. Bus Stop Tillingbourne - anagram.
21. Brockham Big Field (sign).
22. Dorking Rugby Football Club founded 1921.
23. Request bus stop.
24. Environment Agency - sign about fishing licences.
25. The Pound - preserved old enclosure.