2007 Diary
The walks listed on this page are our diary for the year 2007. Generally walks occur on the nominated date but it is possible for things to change. If you want to be sure then send an e-mail using the link above to receive the latest information.

Click the dates below for full walk information.

Location information is posted on this site as soon as the organiser confirms details. After the event, the route and question sheet will be posted for anyone who simply wishes to trace our steps.


Event date Event details
1st April Roger Heath & Joyce Heywood: Buckland
22nd April James & Penny Biggs: Wonersh
3rd June John & Amie Davis: Chipstead
17th June Brad Morris: Shepperton
8th July Peter Evans & his children: Ewell
22nd July Alan Reeves & Geoff Hunt: Betchworth
12th August Val & Peter Rose: Reigate Heath
2nd September Sue & Robert Whale: Hurley, Berks.
16th September Jenny & Roger Abbott: Newdigate

Walk Results

League Results

50th Anniversary Weekend

29th September 50th Anniversary Walk
30th September Celebration Lunch

Christmas Amble

30th December Peter, Kiran & Zara Evans: Sands at Bleak House, Woking