Event Details


29th September 2007

Assemble at:

9:45am for a 10.00am start


Reigate Station, outside ticket office


50th Anniversary Walk


Nat Grid Ref: TQ257506

The station is located on the A217, about one and a half miles south of Junction 8 M25.

Public Transport
For train timetable and rail links please click on:

There is a 32 bus service from a stop at the west end of Reigate's High Street (opposite the Red Cross Inn) to Betchworth Post Office. Journey time about 8 minutes. From the Post Office there is a walk of about half a mile to The Dolphin.

On Saturdays the bus leaves Reigate at 24 minutes past the hour. For the return journey the bus leaves Betchworth Post Office at 13.22, 14.22, 15.22, 16.32 and 17.25. For up-to-the-minute information on bus times call Traveline on 0871 200 22 33 or go to

Walk Information

We have devised three different starting points along the route depending on how energetic you are feeling. Everybody is welcome to come and join in the fun, so please invite all your friends and family to what promises to be a fantastic memorable day, certainly one not to be missed !! Please read on for the finer details.

The walk is open for anyone to join in. However, if you are an existing or former quizwalker we would especially like you to be there for us at 9.45am outside the ticket office at Reigate Station.
It will be a historic moment, exactly fifty years on to the hour from the first quizwalk. We will be holding a brief photo-shoot before the off. Make sure you are in the picture!

It's a classic Surrey walk and passes through an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. Click on the squares on the interactive map below to see photographs of what the walk has in store.

By the way refreshments, including a full breakfast if you want it, are available at the Gates Café & Sandwich Bar next to the ticket office.



We recommend that everyone, whether doing the entire the walk or just part of it, parks in Reigate. If you use the station car park then, after parking, walk back to ticket machine (now on your right) and keep straight ahead up long ramp running parallel with platform on right. Now take subway to ticket office on far side.

More About Walk Options

For those who want to avoid the climb up Colley Hill near the start of the morning walk (on which there are just three quiz clues, all of them at Betchworth Station) we are using an inexpensive local cab firm to take people up to Margery Wood car park at the end of Margery Lane, about 2.5 miles from Reigate Station. Cab fare expected to be about £4.25.

The firm is Belfry Cars (tel. 01737 766111), situated in a tiny parade of shops immediately north of the level crossing before the nearby junction with Holmesdale Road. Four passengers per cab.

If you intend to do only the morning walk or only the afternoon one, we recommend you use Belfry Cars to take you back to Reigate after the morning walk, or out to The Dolphin in time for lunch before the start of the afternoon walk. This is a trip of some 4.2 miles. Cab fare expected to be around £5.50 to £6.75.

The Dolphin Pub at Betchworth

This is a very well managed Youngs pub serving excellent beer, snacks and lunches.

Background to Walk

First Footsteps: Reigate Station, 29th September, 1957

We are indebted to the late Les Bradbury, chairman of our club between 1974 and 1986, for our forthcoming reconstruction, 50 years on, of that first walk. Why? Because Les, who took part in that walk as a 27-year-old, was the type of person to keep things. And to his collection of papers on the EYPC (consisting of club magazines, photos and so on) he began to add details of the club's treasure hunts, starting with the very first.

So which way did they go on Sunday, 29th September 1957? Well, it was a classic Surrey walk. Andy Wilson, Les Bradbury and Reta Bradbury with (sitting) Ken Halls and Roger Heath.. c.1960 We estimate the walk was 10.3 miles. The re-walk on Saturday 29th September 2007 will be quite a bit shorter and there will be an option (which will be welcome to many) to make it shorter still by avoiding the climb up Colley Hill near the start.

The picture left, taken around 1960, shows (standing left to right) Andy Wilson, Les Bradbury and Reta Bradbury with (sitting) Ken Halls and Roger Heath. Of these, all except Ken Halls were among the competitors who set off at around 9.45am from Reigate Station on that dank Sunday, the 29th September 1957.

Their exploits that day were written up by the joint walk organiser, Derek Wilmot, in an article entitled "The Things That Happen On A Treasure Hunt", published in the November 1957 issue of the EYPC's "News and Views" magazine. Here's what he had to say about Andy Wilson (still a member of our group to this day and recently retired as treasurer) and his rescue of a female competitor stuck halfway up the side of Colley Hill.

The scene: a damsel in distress, marooned high up on a greasy plateau. Our hero, a beautiful fur, anti-brain-freezer - alpine climber for the use of - under which exquisite teapot warmer (I mean hat) was Andy. "Courage, dear ones" comes from under the hat and with complete disregard for personal safety proceeds to rescue the aforementioned damsel. Unlike the heroes of the silent film era the hat did not claim his reward. Good old Andy!

Now fast forward to the winners of the walk that day, husband and wife team Les and Reta Bradbury. Their rapid progress was halted only when, as the afternoon was wearing on, they reached Dungate's Farm. And, as Derek Wilmot tells us, it wasn't just the heavy mud there that held them up.

After the hunt no one could say that Reta lacked any of the following qualities - tact, patience, good manners, and a real sense of feeling for dumb animals. As Reta was about to go sloshing through a farmyard of mud, mud, glorious mud, she spied some thirty cows with the same idea in mind and about to cross from the opposite side.

Reta came to an abrupt stop. So did the thirty. They eyed each other with suspicion over this no-mans-land of black, slimy, squelching mud. The thirty, with the firm belief in the safety of numbers, proceeded in the general direction of the milking sheds. And Reta, I may say, didn't waste much time in seeking a more suitable position in which to practise the age-old custom of "After you, Claude".

Les, with an anxious eye on his watch, was shouting "C'mon, Reta, C'mon, Reta". Our Reta wasn't having any. She wasn't prepared to throw all those foregoing virtues to the winds and she waited till the cudsters were safely under lock and key.

Balham & Tooting Gazette, 10 Nov 57 Finally to Roger Heath. A 14-year-old schoolboy that day, he was partnered by one, Jack Parham. This is how, as Derek Wilmot records it, he and Jack met their Waterloo on the steep slopes of the North Downs.

"The funniest thing," says Les (Bradbury) "was, whilst I lay hidden, to see Roger and Jack go tearing up a hill - off the course - which could only be compared with the side of a house. With Roger issuing strange gibberings and both of them going like demented beings pursued by some hideous thing from outer space they were last seen on the distant skyline, hopelessly lost."

That hill (which Roger and Jack climbed at the wrong spot) was Colley Hill. All being well, on the 29th September this year, Roger (now the club's membership secretary and, along with his wife, Joyce, still a regular competitor in the club's quizwalks) will get another chance, 50 years on, to find the right way up Colley Hill.

Will he succeed the second time around? WATCH THIS SPACE.



There is also a newspaper article (right), written by John Cooper himself and published on November 10th 1957 in the Balham and Tooting Gazette, which gives his account of the events of 29th September 1957.

Incidentally we understand that the 11th Wimbledon Scouts have now disbanded. But if there are any former scouts out there who think they may have taken part in the walk we want to hear from them - and soon!

Interactive Route Map

Move your cursor along the interactive route map below and click on the boxes to see location photographs. Beneath the map is a reprint of the original route sheet with clues.

The First Quiz Walk

Organisers: John Cooper & Derek Wilmot
29 September 1957

Start: Reigate Station

Clue 1
[details lost]
Clue 2
On down the road past hedges so bare,
Between white posts as you walk without care.
Take to the grass path, soon duck your head low.
NAME SPARES FOR A CYCLIST, they're rusty I know.
Ignoring the signpost, straight on until
You bear right at a fork, on up the hill.
You'll come to a clearing, take path to your right.
Near here a clue, up the stairs, out of sight.
Clue 3
Retrace your way back to the clearing,
Cross straight over and right course you're steering.
The path, you'll find, runs into another,
A tough route today, believe me brother.
Straight on you'll see a hole in the ground.
Don't pass it by, there's a clue to be found.
Clue 4
Looking back now at the National Trust sign
Directions to take, only one of them fine.
The first on the left is your current turn,
All the others disdainfully spurn.
Tall trees on your left in a carpet of copper.
Keep on this path till you come to a stopper.
Under a spreading fir tree bold,
Within its masses a clue it could hold.
Clue 5
On your way left down the steps bear.
Turn right at next path, when you get there,
Left down the steps again you tread,
At another fir tree mind your head.
Approaching a ridge turn right, up steps go.
At top
keep left over ridge and so,
Meet a path which you climb and turning right
You'll pass a B stone you quickly sight.
On past a white house which two roads approach,
On its privacy, please, do not encroach.
But keep straight on till a fence on right,
Find a clue quickly. Don't stay all night.
Clue 6
They want the gate shut, wioot a doot. (Sorry)
Keep right on past Little Gables,
We hope this route has quite enough labels.
Bearing slight left you'll find that the fence
Lies down when it's tired, showing ruddy good sense.
Look carefully now, as you go,
The gate has no purpose, we're sure you'll say so,
Except to provide for you today
A clue for you. We're sure it may.
Clue 7
As you go on you'll get in the open.
We hope with this route you are copin'.
In distance to left a building of mystery,
At end of field a water trough,
Keep feet dry, or get cold and a cough.
We'll hide your clue near the water cock,
Providing of course there isn't a lock.
Clue 8
Left down the path that runs down the hill.
Follow field round, to the top, until,
A path through the woods, away from the field,
You'll come to a hillside with view of the weald.
Make your way towards building in view,
Step over branches, a path is now due.
Now bearing right with the channel below,
J.B.'s on a tree, the old so and so.
Scramble down here, up channel proceed,
Look left for wire coil, you hunting breed.
Clue 9
Carry on up to house on your right.
An old crock's parked here, at junction you sight.
Clue 10
Straight on proceed with fanatical urge.
Step daintily through the mud, mire and splurge.
Turn left at the main road you'll soon spy.
Step confidentially on till danger is nigh.
Advice to road users you should now note,
Look out for the Dawcombe flagpole near, [Map shows Dawcombe Wood here]
To which a clue is near, we fear.
Clue 11
The month doesn't matter we're glad to say.
Don't bother to look for needle in hay.
Look back for the sign when it comes into sight.
Pass the four winds, cross railway near station. [Betchworth Station]
A solid old tyre on left - information.
Clue 12
If you get in here, in one large lump.
Now soon you cross the A two five.
Make it snappy to get back alive.
The bread is broken at The Gospel Mission.
Smartly to left 4 S's you'll see,
Then round to your right and follow me.
Turn left at queer fish, [The Dolphin pub] soon right a pill box.
Step carefully now - don't wet those smart socks.
Clue 13
On you go now, then first left you take,
Then round to your right as your way you make.
Very soon now you'll be doing fine,
If you get up them stairs - all thirty nine. [Less than 39 today!]
Bear left with faint path as poplars you reach,
O'er stile - through two gates - a lesson we'll teach,
To intrepid hunters still around
Who'll look near a stone in a field to be found.
Clue 14
Turn right at T junction, through mudbath at farm. [Dungate's Farm, Reta's nemesis]
The Mill Church
on Reigate Heath

Steady now please, it'll go up to your arm.
Follow a path - o'er golf course to mill. [Mill Church on Reigate Heath]
In cottage gutter a clue's there still. [gutter - minus the clue - is still there!]

Clue 15
Cross the main road, down path opposite,
Over the links - mind you're not hit.
Then joining a track, please turn to the right,
And bear right, then left, as small path you sight.
You're nearing the end of this day's roam.
Turn left with the railings and again with a path.
We'll discuss this later when we've had a bath.
But you'll see no bridles nailed to a tree,
For each and all of us to see.
Mixed up with muck and a lot of bean sticks. [probably in the allotments here]
Turning left again, we're sure Les and Rete
Will find a clue left in a lump of concrete.
Clue 16
Carry on now and back to town go,
To cuss them two with tales of woe.
O'er main road, on right a caff see,
And Derek and John still drinking tea.

[annotation not part of original text]
CAPITALISED text indicates a bonus (now referred to as a ). Unfortunately, the answers to the bonuses have been lost.

Ordnance Survey Route Map


Route & Question Sheets for Re-walk on 29th September 2007

Part 1 "Outward Bound"

Roger Heath takes us to The Dolphin. Betchworth
5.75 Miles (9.25 km)

Stage 1 (1.0 km)

With your back to the ticket hall at Reigate Station turn left down roadway. Very soon cross road to parade of shops opposite. Continue with shops on right to nearby main road. Cross over via pedestrian crossing to "Surrey Mirror" building opposite. Right, then almost immediately left along "Somers Road". Stay on right-hand side.

Eventually pass "Pilgrims Way" on right. Keep straight ahead, now in "Manor Road", staying on right-hand side. End stage at T junction with "Coppice Lane".

Stage 2 (0.75 km)

Turn right along "Coppice Lane". After last house on left continue for about 50 yards to fork in road at "The Clears". Straight ahead up "Public Byway". Soon at fork keep left, staying on "Public Byway". Follow track past house on right. At staggered wooden barriers keep straight ahead on path in front. After about 30 yards end stage at point where track merges from right. (N.B. There is a metal plate here with "S & ES Water" on it.)

Stage 3 (0.4 km)

Ahead with track. After about 25 yards keep left at fork on downhill path. Stay on undulating path, ignoring all turn-offs. Eventually, at junction of paths, walk a few feet along downhill path in front and end stage at tall, square wooden post (an old railway sleeper!) on left.

Stage 4 (0.2 km)

Keep ahead on twisting path. Ignore all turn-offs. Eventually, veer left at stone marker with "NT" on back and then veer right up a short flight of elongated steps. Stay on path, soon climbing a second, much longer flight of steps. Almost immediately end stage at point where another path hairpins off to the right.

Stage 5 (1.6 km)

Keep ahead on winding main path. Ignore all turn-offs. Eventually follow main path round left turn, ignoring both stile on right here and then nearby path off to left. Instead stay on undulating main path until reaching a four way pointer post just beyond staggered wooden barrier.

Here turn sharp right on steep uphill track. After steep climb reach point where track bears sharp left and wire mesh fence starts on right. Here veer off right up flight of elongated wooden steps. Stay on path, up further flights of steps to wooden gate at top. Through gate, sharp left and hug wire fence/hedgerow on left. Soon reach wide track at gate marked "Please close gate quietly".

For Starters from Margery Wood Car Park Only
Leave by rear of car park, taking track starting just behind "The National Trust" noticeboard. Immediately bear slight left on main track, ignoring narrower track off to right. Proceed uphill, cross bridge over motorway and soon reach gate in front. Through gate and turn right along wide track. Stay on track until eventually reaching a gate marked "Please close gate quietly".
Go through this gate. Ahead on track (bridleway), very soon passing three way pointer post on right. Soon at fork keep left with boarded fence on left. At next fork keep left again along "North Downs Way". Soon at roadway turn left, still on "North Downs Way". After about 30 yards turn right at "Mole Place" along "Public Bridleway". Eventually at four way pointer post keep ahead on "Public Bridleway". Soon reach junction with white-painted house over to right. Here straight ahead along roadway in front. Almost immediately end stage at "The Bounty" (name of house) on right.

Stage 6 (0.4 km)

Continue ahead past nearby "Little Gables". (This house name was mentioned on the 1957 walk.) When roadway becomes a track keep straight on. Pass two houses on left. Soon boarded fence starts on left. End stage when boarded fence ends.

Stage 7 (0.4km)

Continue along track. Eventually, just after view opens up on left, ignore "Public Footpath" on right and continue past "Paul Hill" seat just in front. End stage at point where path swings left downhill with metal gates on left and right.

Stage 8 (0.8 km)

Left down the path that runs down the hill. After about 30 yards turn right at T Junction. Stay on path, eventually going uphill and then veering left into woodland. Quite soon veer round to the right, climbing or bypassing short flight of wooden steps. Stay on winding path through woodland. End stage on reaching four way pointer post at convergence of tracks.

Stage 9 (0.5 km)
(The 1957 walk headed north from here up to what is now the Pfizer complex, turned left along the Dorking Road and then descended Pebblehill Road to Betchworth Station. However, on this stage and the next two we are taking a shorter and more scenic route to the station.)

Here cross over "Public Byway" and veer half left along ridge on "Public Bridleway". Soon follow track downhill. Eventually reach three way pointer post. Here straight on down track in front, ignoring path off to left. At bottom continue on narrow path to wooden gate. Through gate and end stage at three way pointer post about 15 yards ahead.

Stage 10 (0.5 km)

Here follow "Public Bridleway" ahead into field and pass just to right of large tree about 60 yards in front. Now follow track marks in leftwards arc through field towards buildings. At corner of field go through wooden side-gate and keep ahead on track in front, which soon becomes a roadway. End stage at "Public Footpath" pointer on right just before railway crossing.

Stage 11 (0.9 km)

Right along "Public Footpath", keeping railway on left. Eventually at "Wildecroft" (name of house) turn left with path under railway to nearby wooden kiss-gate on right. Through gate into field and turn sharp right, hugging wire fence on right. At corner of field veer off right through metal kiss-gate. Now follow path beside railway. Eventually emerge at road with level crossing on right. Cross road carefully and end stage at "Betchworth" station forecourt opposite.

Station Forecourt Clues

(The answers are on the front of the station building. You can see all three if you stand facing the building with your feet placed halfway along the long yellow line that marks the total width of the "Private Parking" area.)

(A) From the fifties "High Noon" and "Shane" come to mind.
But neither of these was the first of its kind.

(B) Take heed of this and understand.
Otherwise it'll cost you a grand.

(C) For the Teds of fifty odd years ago
Then fashionable leggings are still on show.

Stage 12 (1.8 km)

Leaving station forecourt turn right along elevated walkway. When walkway ends continue on pavement to large roundabout at main road (A25). Veer right and pass "Station Road" sign. Very soon cross main road via small grassy triangular section. Left for a few yards, then right along continuation of "Station Road".

Keep on right-hand side. Soon pass "Betchworth Gospel Hall" on right (Competitors on the 1957 walk had to give the hour of the service at which bread was broken here.) and continue to "Bovey Cottage". Here cross over to pavement on left and continue to T junction.

Now follow pavement round to left in direction of "Leigh" and "Betchworth". Soon at three pointer signpost turn right into "The Street". (The 1957 walk stayed on this road to the Dolphin pub. But soon we take a minor diversion off to the right. This is a more pleasant walk and allows us to visit the church which was used for the first of the weddings in "Four Weddings and a Funeral".)

Use pavement, initially on left, then on right. Just after S-bend (opposite "Morden Grange Cottages") take "Public Footpath" on right. Soon go through gap in hedge ahead and turn left on path along edge of field.

When path emerges at "The Walled Garden" cross minor road, then go through metal barriers and follow path across green. At far side keep ahead through two more sets of barriers, then bear right along minor road to church. Continue through gate and then go to left of church, exiting churchyard through iron gate on left. "The Dolphin" pub is opposite, where stage ends.

Part 2 "Quizwalks Coming Home"

Geoff Hunt and Alan Reeves complete the retracing of the first quizwalk, taking us from The Dolphin, Betchworth, back to Reigate
3.75 Miles (6.0 km)

Welcome to the final section of the Anniversary Walk. It runs through the heart of one of the most popular walking areas in Surrey with a fine network of paths connecting quiet villages from Dorking to Redhill. Fortunately we have many landmarks from the original walk to guide us on our way. For those of you who are new to quizwalking we have added 25 clues to the directions to give you some idea of what today's walks are like. We hope you enjoy them as much as the countryside you are about to visit.

The answers to the following clues are all objects that can be seen from the small forecourt area in front of The Dolphin but looking in all directions.

Q 1 He hold pint badly with flippers.

Q 2 It may be a local anecdote; this is the home of the 4 pound note.

Q 3 Here's a colt who will never bolt, even when lightning gives him a jolt.

Now follow these directions from The Dolphin to the centre of Reigate. At each point where you stop, there will be one or more clues that will relate to objects within 15m (50') of that point in either direction. You may need to back track for some clues! The major landmarks from the original walk are also indicated for interest.

50 m Turn left from The Dolphin (original walk Stage 12 "queer fish") into Wonham Lane. Very soon you will come level with a pillbox (original walk Stage 12 "pill box") by the river.

Q 4 The receiver had better hold his nerve, he can lose the game on the very next serve.

250 m Continue along the road and soon join the footpath on the left hand side. This will lead you into a field. Follow the path to the end of the field until you come to a main road with the sign Sandy Lane.

Q 5 This is what Steve Davis got, when on his break he sank the lot.

400 m Turn left along Sandy Lane and continue carefully until you reach the entrance to a large building on the left hand side with the sign "Hartsfield Manor".

Q 6 These flattering phrases eventually deceive, with something cheats keep up their sleeve.

100 m Continue along Sandy Lane to the T Junction. Turn right onto the earth verge in front of the cottages.

Q 7 Andy leans awkwardly.

50 m Continue past the cottages and, after 10 m, turn right again at the public footpath sign. Climb the steps (original walk Stage 13 "stairs") and stop at the stile just beyond.

Q 8 Not the ones that Hannay sought, these always come up 5 short.

150 m Continue along the path. Just after a small farm building/garage stop at a stile on the left of the path, opposite the Public Footpath sign posts.

Q 9 In jest I let you have the name, of something our predecessors overcame.

200 m Turn left over the stile and follow the footpath to a pair of gates. Go over the stile by the first gate and then turn sharp right passing the second gate, and then turn sharp left and stop at the stile.

Q 10 Twelve inches wide from side to side?

450 m Cross over the stile by the third gate and follow the footpath with the hedge & fence on the left. A windmill should soon be visible on the horizon. After 100m you come to a kissing gate. Continue through this and now the fence is on the right of the path. After 300 m come to a second kissing gate just before some cottages. Shortly after passing through this gate the path ends at a tarmac track.

Q 11 Home perhaps to a fighting gent, who throws a punch to pay the rent?

300 m Turn right along the tarmac track and pass by the cottages. After a short distance you come to Dungates Farm (original walk Stage 14 landmark, where the winners that day, Les and Reta Bradbury, got held up by mud and cows). Stay on the main track and stop level with the stables' entrance at the farm.

Q 12 A home for people who enjoy a loaf, near a home for people who work for growth.

300 m Continue along the path until you reach a fork in the path by a stream.

Q 13 Something you can always read in the middle of a long walk.

450 m Take the right fork through the open gates. Carry on along this long path that eventually comes to a white house on the left hand side at the edge of a golf course (original walk Stage 14 landmark). Fork left for 5 m and stop at the direction post by the tree.

Q 14 For this migrant it's a winter chore, he's heading South one time in four.

300 m Continue across the golf course watching out for any golfers playing, and climb the hill using the path that runs up to the right of the club house beside the windmill (original walk Stage 14 "mill"). Turn left at the gravel track and follow it to the clubhouse forecourt.

Q 15 He's not just a fair weather chap, I wonder what's his handicap?

50 m Follow the narrow footpath to the left of the clubhouse. This leads past a triangulation point and then joins a vehicle track that leads into the car park by the windmill. Stop at the small brick cottage.

Q 16 This crafty lot might say "What's all the fuss?" well they have been at it twice as long as us.

150 m Stay on the vehicle track to the left of this cottage (passing the original walk Stage 14 "cottage gutter", where a receptacle containing direction sheets for the next stage was placed fifty years ago) which then turns right back towards the clubhouse. Ignore the 1st path with the mirror on the post. Very soon you come to a 2nd footpath on the left hand side with the GW Greensand Way disc.
Take this footpath down to the bottom of the hill where you reach a busy main road. Cross over the road and follow the tarmac track until you reach a footpath on the left just in front of a large white building.

Q 17 Dubbya looked out into the night, "Gee, I wish they'd fix that light"

150 m Turn left along this footpath and follow it past some old farm buildings until you reach another tarmac track (original walk Stage 15 "track") by some cottages.

Q 18 A to Z (but not 1 to 9)

100 m Turn right and follow the tarmac track towards The Skimmington Castle public house. Ignore the footpath on the left. The tarmac track soon splits. Take the left fork towards the car park. Stop level with the public footpath signs on the left hand side.

Q 19 Drunken lemmings can't ski to this place.

400 m Turn left to the public footpath signs and then take the right hand footpath indicated by the blue arrow. This high banked footpath runs up to the crest of the hill and then down the other side. Stop at a tarmac track running to a farm entrance on the right.

Q 20 Sounds like jazz in Humphrey's style.

200 m Turn left along the tarmac track. Follow the track past a house on the left until you reach a stile with a public footpath sign, on the right hand side just before a house on the right hand side.

Q 21 Motorists should never hurry where the goats and kids are a worry.

100 m Continue along the tarmac track until you reach a public footpath sign on the left hand side by some barns.

Q 22 Everything's included in the meal.

800 m Turn left along the footpath. This is a very long footpath that runs between fields for some way before allotments (original walk Stage 15 "muck and a lot of bean sticks") appear on the left hand side. The path ends at a main road. Cross over to the pavement on the other side.

Q 23 To exploit growth properly, first establish a site monopoly.

500 m Follow the pavement on the right hand side of the road, which runs gently uphill. After some distance you come level with the side turning into Green Lane. Cross over the road to the pavement on the left hand side.

Q 24 Duck man and Henman are role models here.

200 m Follow the pavement on the left hand side of the road until you come to the one-way system in Reigate town where Park Lane meets West Street and the High Street.

Q 25 Where a livid Ms Hood goes for her nightcap.

Young Walkers Questions



Answers To Clues At Betchworth Station

A "First Great Western" - on "Welcome to Betchworth" notice.

B "Warning. Do not trespass on the Railway. Penalty £1,000" - on platform destinations notice.

C Drainpipes - on wall of station building

Answers To Clues from The Dolphin, Betchworth to The Red Cross Inn, Reigate

1 "The Dolphin" - anagram of "He hold pint".

2 "Betchworth Forge" sign.

3 Horse on Weathervane at Betchworth Forge.

4 40 and 30 m.p.h. speed limit signs. A tennis game at 40 - 30 can be won on the next serve.

5 "147" on yellow Grit Salt bunker. It is snooker's maximum break.

6 "Beautiful Places" & "Inspiring Spaces" at Hartsfield Manor. Both end with concealed "aces".

7 "Sandy Lane" road sign - anagram of "Andy leans".

8 34 steps. Not "The 39 Steps" sought by Richard Hannay.

9 Stile. It appears in "jest I let".

10 "Footpath" sign.

11 "Fourpenny Cottage" - a four-penny one is old slang for a punch.

12 "The Granary". A cottage close to Dungates Farm.

13 "GW" direction signs for the Greensand Way. GW appears in the middle of "long walk".

14 Bird on Weathervane at the White Cottage. Perhaps a swallow?

15 Golfer on Weathervane at the Clubhouse.

16 "Reigate Heath Artisans Est. 1907" at the cottage. Celebrating 100 years to our 50.

17 The broken lamp outside the "White House".

18 "Letters" on the small red post box.

19 "Skimmington Castle" - anagram of "lemmings can't ski to".

20 "Littleton Manor" - the style of Humphrey Littleton the jazz musician?

21 "Please drive slowly" "Animals & Children" on sign at the farm.

22 "Challow" sign on the barn. "all" in "Chow".

23 "Park Lane Allotments" sign. Park Lane is a site on the Monopoly board.

24 "Bowling Club & Green" (Sir Francis Drake) and "Lawn Tennis Club" (Tim Henman) signs.

25 "The Red Cross Inn". Although Little Red Riding Hood might be under age.

Young Walker Answers